Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, it seems as though my laptop has died or something. It keeps freezing when I boot it up. It's very frustrating. Hopefully that's not the case and having it turned off for over 24 hours will help. Otherwise I'll be stuck using David's computer, which he is frequently on. *shrugs* Oh well. Looking forward to my test in accounting tomorrow. Yes, I know. I did mean to say looking forward to. I am really enjoying that class. Hence why I am changing my major from Business Administration to Accounting. I really hope I continue to enjoy it.

You know, it's weird to think that David is 22. Most of the time the age gap doesn't seem that big, but this two month gap when we are 3 years apart by numbers is always kind of weird. You'd think that after four years together I would be able to deal with it better, right? Oh well. Soon I'll be 20 and won't feel as weird about it.

Anyways, there isn't really anything else going on. Later.

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