Saturday, April 25, 2009

Goodness... It is way to hot in my apartment... It's sitting at about 88 degrees, and that's after it cooled down last night. When I got home it was at about 95, and when I went to bed it was about 90. Yes, we've called the office downstairs, but it was done last night and we don't know when they'll get to us. I'm pretty tired of it. Our A/C works for about a week every time they fix it, and the weather gets cooler, so we don't need it. Then it doesn't kick back in or something. It's pretty annoying. *shrugs* At least it's cooler at work, even in the kitchen.

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It's my life.... said...

Wait... you're HOT??? You are NEVER hot. =)

Love you girl.. hope you get it worked out